Zen Mantra: Zen Mantra

This local band (really a clever young chap called Sam Perry) builds lovely dreamy soundscapes with a big, swooshy, layered sound that manages to be dead modern and sweetly, sentimentally referential at the same time.

There’s no noise and anger here, just terse understated Kraut rock beats, almost choral vocals and sweet, slightly psychedelic low-fi melodies that made me think of Pet Shop Boys a few times, and not in a bad way.

Zen Mantra (Flying Nun) boasts 10 tracks, but it does all blend into one great woozy ebbing and flowing song a bit after a few plays, which is perfect for this kind of music.

My download downloaded itself in a contrary running order, but that’s probably my fault and, anyway, it only added to the mystery and it means my favourite track, a monumental Looking Up At A Hundred Moons (great title) comes up first instead of last, as intended.

Thoroughly recommended for dreamy afternoons.