The Jordan Luck Band: Not Only... But Also

It has to be a generation or more since Jordan Luck last released a whole album of new songs, and then it was with the Exponents, who’d started life in Christchurch more years before that as the Dance Exponents, of course.

But listening to Not Only... But Also (Universal) it’s as if time has stood still. Luck, with a new band of hard-hitting roughnecks, hits the nail with his power-pop hammer time after time here, belting out 11 songs in 37 minutes, most of them so bloody catchy this album sounds like a best-of before its time.

It’s simple stuff, but it takes off with a hell of a whizz on the first track Can I Help You and its hilarious opening lines:

 I been working all day in the supermarket/I trolley fruit and veg till I nearly kark it /Where’d I put my car/Where the fuck did I park it/Can I help you...

And it rarely lets up, its songs bristling with guitars and Luck’s familiar joyous rasp enjoying itself outrageously. Even the lyrics are kinda perfect, rolling in local references, some of them surprisingly dark.

Robbyn Banks sounds like The Clash (on a good day), Only If You’re Lonely sounds like it wants to take your head off and Crystal Soul might be the best sad love song Luck’s ever hand a hand in (he co-wrote it with guitarist Bryan Bell).

I’m not sure how Roger will feel about this album, but I can’t seem to stop playing it.